Product Spotlight: Lucas Lighting H2L

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Product Spotlight: Lucas Lighting H2L

If you have ever owned a vehicle with HID headlights, you may be aware of the significant cost and effort involved in replacing a bulb that has failed. Luckily, Lucas Lighting has recently created and introduced H2L HID to LED conversion bulbs to add amazing light output and reliability to vehicles equipped with OEM HID systems. Curious? You should be! Let’s look at how H2L bulbs work.

What Is an HID to LED Conversion Bulb?

After hearing of many complaints about the cost of factory-installed HID bulb replacements, Lucas Lighting is set to work in creating a solution that would stand the test of time. OEM bulbs, such as the D3R with an integrated ballast, can cost hundreds of dollars for a single unit from a dealership. The D2L kit, which we carry, retails for $249.95 and allows one of our retail partners to upgrade your vehicle to LED headlight bulbs using a completely plug-and-play kit. The wiring connectors and included converter modules plug into the factory lighting connectors in your vehicle. There is no splicing or soldering required, and your vehicle warranty won’t be affected by the upgrade.

Why Convert HID to LED with the Lucas Lighting H2L

One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is its durability and longevity. Unlike a fragile glass bulb that is suspended with thin wires, LED lighting uses high-performance chip on board (COB) elements that are soldered directly to the circuit board in a cast aluminum housing. This housing resists damage caused by vibrations as would be found in industrial, off-road and high-performance vehicles. LED lighting technology itself is designed to last more than 10,000 hours compared to HID bulbs that can burn out after as few as 2,000 hours. Another benefit of LED lighting is its efficiency. Lucas H2L bulbs can draw a third as much current as their HID counterparts, depending on the application.

High-Output Lighting Solution

Are you concerned about light output? Lucas Lighting is! We use the latest technology Edison COB LED elements on our bulbs to ensure you get all the light you need to see safely. The chips are located at the same depth as the xenon capsule in the OEM HID bulbs to ensure the lighting beam pattern and cutoff in front of your vehicle remain accurate. Oncoming drivers won’t be blinded by vehicles that use Lucas Lighting upgrades. Upgrade Your HID Lighting System with Lucas Lighting.

If you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on replacement HID bulbs and labor to install them, ask your local specialty mobile enhancement retailer about the new Lucas Lighting H2L bulbs. Upgrades for D1, D2S, D3/8S, D4S and D5S bulbs are available, and the systems are backed with a three-year warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

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