L3 Series LED Headlight


This LED headlight will definitely outshine any competition and it's built to last. Our brightest LED headlight to date! If you want to see on those back roads, or in poor visibility - The Lucas Lighting L3 Series is what you need!


"I am so impressed with the L3 series bulb! I have tried almost every brand and the L3 blows away the rest with brightness" Sean D. 


If you’re looking for the brightest aftermarket LED headlight it is our L3 series LED headlight bulb. The L3 series can produce 5x the light output of stock halogen bulbs.


  • 16,000 Lumen
  • Low watt design for fantastic efficiency
  • Upgraded CANBUS chipset
  • IP67 rated or better
  • 1-Year warranty if consumer installs & 3-year warranty if installed by a prefered Lucas Lighting retailer
  • Plug and play direct replacement
  • 3X more efficient 
  • Instant On

Lucas Lighting L3-Series

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